About Our Products

Our pork producing stock include Chester White, Old Gloucestershire Spotted and Yorkshire crossbreds, which are heritage breeds.  Our pork is finished on a blend of locally produced wheat, peas, alfalfa and fishmeal.  Our hogs are pasture raised and free to roam with their litter mates. 800 pound straw bales are present in the pasture for rooting and overall enjoyment.

Our chickens enjoy access to the outdoors and a large open pasture where they can roam and eat grass, seeds and bugs. They are raised on grain supplementation that does not include corn,  soy, or GMO products.

Our chickens and hogs are allowed to mature over time without enhancement.

Our completed product is vacuum sealed for greater storage and shelf life. Saline is not added to our pork or chicken products, therefore final weights are based on true meat weight.  

An all natural nitrate preservation process takes place, using naturally occurring nitrates from celery seed and sea salt for the curing of our bacon and ham products.

The spices used in our sausage products are 100% Gluten Free.



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